Author Topic: Texture Baking problem with output map  (Read 964 times)

2017-02-16, 20:10:12


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I ask myself how to use the render to texture output Corona_ReflectColor.
what is the use here? would't it be better to have a Reflect or RoughnessMap output.

I could not find much to the use of the output maps are there any tuts?


2017-05-05, 16:06:51
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Hi and sorry for super long response time.

The Corona_ReflectColor is basically the reflectivity of the baked material. It will get darker as the reflectivity gets lower - not only in case of a darker bitmap used, but also if for example Fresnel IOR is lowered. I don't think there is much more that can be added here.

I can see that you have already listed some requests here:,13088.0.html
but if you have some further ideas or questions, I think adding them in that forum thread is a good idea.