Author Topic: **EASIER WAY to make glass mask**  (Read 1565 times)

2016-06-16, 02:31:04


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Hello guys,

this could be a very newbie doubt but I´ll ask it even so.
Is there an easier way to make glass mask when I need disable the "visible in mask " option on Advanced options  to see the things there are behind the glass?

In Vray I could exclude the glass on wirecolor element and make a multimatte  or object/material ID pass to make the glass mask on the same render, but on Corona I cant do it if I disable "visible in mask" option.

Thats my doubt, is there any way to make glass mask on the same render if I disable that option on Corona?


*Sorry for my poor english :)

2016-06-16, 14:06:22
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