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[Max] Corona Goodies - User Contributions / DropToSlate
« on: 2019-05-10, 09:58:47 »
Now you can create CoronaBitmaps just by dragging to Slate Material Editor.
And something more...

Hi, I wanna share my sparkly snow shader for static and animation.
Here's a pure render with Corona Glares enabled, nothing more. Bright sparkles are generated by CoronaSun which visible in reflections.
Not a valid vimeo URL

It's very simple as you can see.

I generated pyramids NormalMap for it, because I found that "Carpaint NGgons NormalMap" doesn't give me nice sparkles. Here is 100% crop of this texture.

And a flakes mask of course.

Download rar with all stuff

P.S. If somebody will find it useful please post your examples of this shader :)

Simple script based on Dubcat lut that let you convert glossy values (not maps) from 1.4 to 1.5 curve and reverse.

Download v1.0 (This is .ms file for those who don't like to install)

Download v1.0 installable (Download this file if you need toolbar button or hotkey. Search script in Corona Render category)


ScriptSpot link
Macros category - "Nik Scripts"

[Max] General Discussion / DR striped render, missing asset
« on: 2015-12-02, 17:24:09 »
Hello, I found pretty strange behaviour of Corona DR.
I attached render where I intentionally lost textrure on the Sphere. Notice that there is a clearly visible stripe and image splitted horizontally.

I know that there must be no missing assets. This is not the question.
The question is, why render becomes splitted? Corona is progressive render, so I suppose all nodes must render whole image and with some interval these images merging together on master machine.
So if I get one image with texture and one image without it, when I blend them together I will get mix of these images. So in my case whole Sphere must be washed out, but not half of it.

Anyway, can somebody from dev team explain how Corona merging DR passes together? I'm just curious.


Download script
Drag .mcr to viewport. Find "Corona Proxy Lister" in "Corona Render" category and put it to menu or toolbar.

This is v1, so you can find some bugs, and probably you will. Let me know and I'll fix it.

All proxy parameters are changing for proxies selected in list only.
"Update list" button - Collect all proxies in the scene and update list. Script should do it automatically when: new scene is opened, object deleted, scene merged.
"AutoSelect" checkbutton - If enabled then proxies selected in scene will be selected in list. Use when you want to control only proxies selected in viewport.
"Affect All" checkbutton - Selects all proxies in list if pressed. Use when you want to control all proxies in the scene.

"Proxies:" counter - Number of all proxies objects in the scene.
"Unique:" conter - Number of unique proxies in the scene (gets only one instance per proxy).

"Ram cache" and so on - Proxy parameters (Captain Obvious).

"Select" button - Select highlighted proxies objects in the scene (hidden objects are ignored).
"Hide" button - Hide highlighted proxies.
"Show" button - Show highlighted proxies.

Limitations for v1.0:
- Dialog can't be resized
- List always sorted by proxy filename.
- You can reorder columns if you want, but script won't remember it.


Download script

Hi, guys. Maybe somebody will find my small script useful.

Button on the toolbar:
Enabled - 3dsmax priority low, affinity -1 core
Disabled - 3dsmax proirity normal, affinity max

Drag in viewport to install. Check NikScripts category - Priority Switch and add it to toolbar.

Hi, I want to discuss meshlight sampling in Corona.
VRay have samples spinner, Corona doesn't. Cleaner UI, faster setup and so on, I know. But there is one problem with meshlight.

I'm not sure that I'm totally understand Corona sampling algorythm, but it seems that one single mesh have the same priority as one light source (it's called light group). That's nice and right in some situations and maybe in most situations, but when you have single ceiling backlight mesh that goes through big scene, then you have very very undersampled direct light from this meshlight.

Increasing Light Samples Mult is not optimal solution because it oversamples other lights, and I got undersampled gi-glosy as result.
There is one stupid solution for now - detach all polys of this mesh, so each one will be sampled like one light source. Do I need to tell that this is very uncomfortable way to work with meshlights? :) For example, I have Line->Sweep and I can edit this mesh easilly by editing Line. Editing of line that made of detached polys is a big butthurt.

I understand that simple UI and easy workflow is Corona's priority and I love that. But detaching polys to get proper sampling isn't simple and intuitive way. Maybe one more checkbox in CoronaLightMaterial won't ruin UI?

[Max] Resolved Feature Requests / CoronaMultiMap
« on: 2015-06-11, 11:48:27 »
In CoronaMultiMap there is a 15 items limitation. Can it be removed or increased to 100 for example?

VrayMultiSub has no such limit.

This script became CoronaProxy Lister and no longer developed.

Of course it's easy to change previz type for Corona Proxy in Modify panel, but if you have tens of different proxies you had to change it one by one. For those who interested in automation of this routine I share my script.
Script can handle thousands of objects quite fast.
If you'll find some bugs or want some feature I'll be glad to make script better.

Update - ver1.1
- Simplified UI
- Added Point cloud density controller
- By default previz type changing for selected proxies. If "Affect All" is checked, then previz type will be changed for all proxies in scene.

Download script

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