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Hi all,
since Alpha v4 contained some serious bugs, I've decided to release next alpha faster than usual, after adding just single major feature - IES lights (both both v-ray and mental ray IES light objects are supported).

It is subject to the Corona licence/disclaimer. The installation instructions are here.

Below is a list of the most significant changes. There were also lots of small bugfixes/performance improvements/tweaks:

* IES lights supported
* multiscatter + forestpack support
* Fixed long transforming vertices bug
* Fixed bug saving cropped images/not saving 16bit exr/tiff
* panorama exporter support added
* override material supports include mode
* fixed “camera clipping + HDcache” bug
* Slow viewport when CoronaSun set to "From Sky"
* fixed faceting when using extreme bump
* multithreaded enviro lights parsing for improved scene build performance
Installation: select your 3dsmax version, copy over the files (there is one new shared library, Corona_IES_parser.dll, that goes to 3dsmax root)
Download it here:

This is an April fool's prank, the build plays the Rickroll video instead of rendering

Thanks mate!


A cruel joke! : D

wow! thank you Ondra!!! =D


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