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Warning: this is an outdated build, use Alpha v5 instead

I've prepared an updated alpha build, with these new features:


* Added Ambient occlusion map
* Added Wire texmap
* CoronaSky:

* Added new, improved realistic sky model: Hosek&Wilkie - now default
* Added "rawafake" customizable fake sky model
* Added 2D fractal map
* Added ColorMapper map

* Added alternative color selection by black body radiator temperature
* Sunlight is now a separe light, properly selectable in the viewport

* Refraction attenuation added
* Improved refractive materials ("water in glass" type of scene)
* Added ward BRDF (supporting anisotropy)
* Added textured emission (textured lights)
* Added rounded corners feature (experimental)

* Added new volume fracal - Mandelbox
* Added ~30 render channels
* Custom VFB improved (start render button, save image button, speed optimizations for high-res renders)
* Added CoronaScatter - simple & fast scattering tool
* Added optional render info bar watermarking to the image
* Added support for MDO scatter plugin
* Added override backgrounds - for direct/opacity/refraction  and reflection rays, and override material
* Added contrast to color mapping
* Added white balance to color mapping
* Added CoronaProxy - simple geometric proxy object
* Added support for multiple mapping coordinates
* Added versioning to .conf files - no need to manually delete them when upgrading
Additionally, there are lots of general stability and speed upgrades (but possibly also new bugs ;)).

Attached are the builds for 3dsmax 2011 and 2012. Older builds are available on demand, build for 2013 will be available in about a month. All versions are 64bit Windows Vista/7 only. If you have older CPU (~ Core 2 quad Q6600 or older), use the version for legacy CPU, which is slower, but can run on any 64bit CPU.

The build is subject to this licence/disclaimer:,19.0.html

Installation guide:,2.msg2.html#msg2

You can quickly configure the renderer in a scene for production setup using the "Production defaults" button.

Thank You very much!
Can we hope for 2013 version? Please :)

Thank You!


--- Quote from: hglr123 on 2012-05-24, 22:38:47 ---Thank You very much!
Can we hope for 2013 version? Please :)

Thank You!

--- End quote ---
I've tried to make it, but they have decided to force unicode in the API, that means, that I'll have to go through the entire application and manually switch it too. I am planning to do that next month.

Thank You :)

Thanks Guys,

This is brillant news


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