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It's time for a new playground, this time regarding the new Improved Sky -  Altitude & Haze (Aerial Perspective). Please feel free to test this out and post your creations, If you have any questions, requests or critique regarding this feature please share them with us.  The latest stable version of it can be found here:

Basic details
Upon adding a Corona Sun & Sky, navigate to your slate material editor and paste or move your corona sky there. Within the Corona Sky Texmap, there is a section called  Improved Model.
It is now possible to set your observer altitude in meters, higher values of this parameter will make the sky clearer and the horizon line less sharp. Next to altitude, you will find the Volume effect(haze), if true it enables a volumetric effect based on atmospheric settings from the current skymap. As expected, higher values of the Volume effect make the haze more dramatic/dense.

Happy Rendering!

Can you explain what you mean by 'Observer Altitude', I would imagine the Observer is the camera height?  But is this a real world altitude based on a physical sun/sky daylight system location, or is it altitude from 0,0,0 in the viewport etc etc

Or is it arbitary?

Or is it the altitude of the sun?

If it's the suns Z Position from 0, could this value not be obtained automatically?

I might just be getting confused because of the units being in metres - isn't altitude normally in 'degrees' above the horizon?

Edit: Okay so I just googled 'Observer Altitude' and got the following which would suggest it's the angle/height of the sun?

"Definition of "altitude" The angle of a celestial object measured upwards from the observer's horizon. Thus, an object on the horizon has an altitude of 0° and one directly overhead has an altitude of 90°. Negative values for the altitude mean that the object is below the horizon."

Altitude as in your altitude when you're in a plane, or on top of a mountain, or standing on a beach.

It's set here independent of the camera height because no-one actually wants to create their scene 3,500 meters above the 3D host software ground plane - they want to create it on the ground plane, but then tell the sky "actually this whole scene is on top of a smallish mountain at 3,500 meters".

Sure, think it was the word 'observer' that threw me :)

I've just set it to the Z value of my Corona Sun, seems to work ok.

Edit: Actually no it doesn't.  It looks much better with a realistic altitude of the real world location of my scene.

So the altitude is affecting the Volume effect/haze quite a lot.  The tooltip for alttitude states 'higher values give a clearer sky and less sharp horizon'  But the higher I increase that value, the more colours shift in the haze/textures towards unnatural and it feels that the volume effect gets slightly stronger.  I'd have expected with a clearer sky, the effect of volume effect/haze would be less pronounced.

It's probably just my understanding of what the settings are doing and affecting and how i'm interpreting the tooltips and adding them together.

Using RC3 and the green tint is gone. However it tints now the scene in purple.. especially visible in refractions. Even if you activate the effect, then turn down to 0 the scene is still affected/tinted in purple slightly.


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