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Warning: this is an outdated build, use Alpha v5 instead

I've finally created the Corona Alpha v3 build. It is in this post attachement. It is subject to the Corona licence/disclaimer. The installation instructions are here.

What's new in this build - major new features/tweaks/bugfixes
Just the most important changes - there are too many small tweaks to list them all

* 3dsmax 2013 is now supported
* Micro-triangle displacement added! (still somewhat unoptimized though)
* Motion blur added!
* There is now interactive documentation for the renderer settings
* 3dsmax interface for render elements now supported!
* Optional custom material editor scene
* Bokeh effect
* Better direct lighting sampling (combined direct light solver)
* Corona Solid texture added (for blackbody emission, HDR color input)
* Corona Mix texture added
* Added blend material support
* Internal color space changed to XYZ (more plausible shading)
* Corona Sun is now supported by the daylight assembly
* Added masking render element
* CoronaMtl displayed better in viewport, lights are selectable, ...
* C:/!Corona folder is no longer needed - corona saves logs to default 3dsmax plugin configuration directory
* Per-material background overrides added
* UI is better, defunct features hidden, better defaults Important links

* Corona gallery: there have been some really great works lately, you can check them out here:,3.0.html
* We've created a tool for online documentation of the renderer UI:
* GroveR_GoL & DeadClown created really great script for converting Vray/MentalRay/finalRender/Standard materials to Corona. There are also other scripts for lights, scatter, etc.:,11.0.htmlKnown problems

* Some combinations of fakes are not working correctly (e.g. invisible light + object with no shadows)
* Plugins/components not supported: Hair & Fur, XMesh, HSDS, NormalBump, Bercon maps
* Instancing with MTD sometimes creates suboptimally subdivided meshes
* Large-scale use of MTD can cause excessive memory usage
* Motion blur of objects with changing topology not supported
* HDcache flickers in animations (unless save/load is used)Future plans
Next big thing added to Corona will be Bidirectional path tracing (for better unbiased rendering of caustics) and better, more powerful system for artistic control fakes (visible to camera/reflections/refractions/...). Next alpha build will probably also have some sort of subsurface scattering (SSS) and better support for animations (temporal blending of caches). In either case, I'd love to get your feedback - what features would you like, what you like and dont like about Corona, etc. Just look around the forum, there are many threads in which you can participate.

Great! Thank you!

Tom Zamorin:
Very nice!
But there is no version for old cpu ... ((

oops... I'll add it ;)

Tom Zamorin:
Ondra, You the best!


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