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WireColor pass by Layer Color


Would it be possible to add new render element that will render a mask (exactly like WireColor pass) and use 3dsmax Layer color? Or just add that as an option to WireColor element?

How about using Cryptomatte Mask, ID type- Layer Name?

Just run this script first?

thx for suggestions, unfortunately both methods will not work for what I want to achieve with this.
I would like to use that pass as a precise segmentation for Stable Diffusion. Using predefined scene with bunch of layers for different things like Car, Tree etc. with specific colour used by SD. This will allow me to render precise, hi resolution pass quickly, direct in max and will be relatively easy to setup (throwing object to correct layers)

Edit: Ok I had time to actually research my problem and figured a way to do it in max. thx for the help :)


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