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Cinema4D Takes system + Corona Render + Render Queue + Tokens = ERROR


Hi, I have a very annoying problem that I still don't understand is related to Cinema 4d or Corona.

The Problem:
I’am on Corona 11 and Cinema 4D 2023.2.2 and MacOS 13.6.4 (22G513).
When I put many renderings in the render queue with the takes system, after the render time, it doesn’t save the image and show me an error: “Error – Saving Image”.
I use the tokens in the output file location like this:

I did few tests in these last days, and I discovered that with Cinema S24 version all is fine and it saves all the images.
Instead with the Cinema 4D 2024.2 same error of the 2023.2.2.

Some suggestions to fix the problem?
Thanks a lot to all

I don't have the current version of C4D, but I have used the Takes system quite a bit. I noticed your paths are Relative. Could it be there is a different default in the newer versions of C4D? Is there a default setting that is expecting an Absolute path? The only other thing is I don't remember seeing brackets when using the Tokens. Is that a thing? [  ]

Just a thought. Good luck.

Hello @xxxsalvo,
Thanks for contacting us.
This is odd.
Please bear in mind that the file saving system is handled by C4D.
On the other hand, @BigAl3D is correct; perhaps you can try using an absolute path to save your files or even just adding the "./" (without the quoting marks)  at the beginning of the path.
I'll try reproducing this. Is there a test file you can share with us?
If so, please use the "Upload" option in my signature to upload your files and let me know once you've submitted your files. (please use the "Save project with assets" feature from C4D so that you can send us a zipped folder).

Hi to all and thanks for the answers.
Sorry for the delay but I don't have much time in these days..
As soon as I can I'll try with the absolute path but if I'am correct in my past tests I just did it with no positive results.
Meanwhile, yesterday, with a working project I got it wrong and I used the wrong version of C4D and this was the result, I took a screen:

As you can see, the first render is always fine, after, from the second to the last, C4D rendered all the takes (all the takes took 4 hours each as I set up) but it had some mistakes during the file saving.

Hello again,
Thank you for the update.
That is odd, indeed.
Could you please try setting the native C4D's Picture Viewer as the default VFB for Corona Render?
(C4D Preferences -> Renderer -> Corona -> VFB Settings -> Default frame buffer -> Cinema4D picture viewer).
Let us know the outcome and if the issue persists.
Have a great day/evening.


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