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Edit Instances mode - loosing most of changes if reopen the scene

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--- Quote from: Avi on 2023-08-07, 10:06:50 ---Hi,

We were able to reproduce this issue on our end and we have logged this in our system to be further investigated by our devs. We will let you know if there are any updates on this.

(Internal ID=1174880023)

--- End quote ---

Hello Avi,
Thank you for the information. I hope it will be fixed or improved soon.

--- Quote from: romullus on 2023-08-03, 11:07:55 ---Just to be clear - i'm not saying that's not bug, because quite clearly it is, i'm saying that if you edit instances with avoid collisions being activated, it's not very reasonable to expect that your edits will be the only thing that's changed in the scatter. If you look closer at your after edit and after reload scenes, then you should notice that your edited instances are keeping their changes and the only difference is that there are new instances added after reload. The bug is that those new instances should be added in the same session when you made the edits and not after scene reload.

If you want to have collision free instances, you must accept the fact that your arbitrary instance edits will have further consequences on the scatter. Perhaps it's worth considering to request "freeze instances distribution" option in the scatter, so when user is more or less satisfied with parametric instances placement, he could lock their position and make individual adjustments with full confidence that nothing else will change without his consent.

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Hello Romullus,
I understand what you mean, but actually, I do not understand for what situations the current behavior even with instantly adding instances in the same session would be useful. That's why I personally consider this to be a bug/working wrong, as it works in opposite to the option description.

Hello Devs,

Recently, we received corona-11-3dsmax-daily-2023-09-06.exe, with Changelog information:

"When an instance is translated directly by the user, new instances no longer appear at its original location when collision avoidance is enabled."

If I understand this correctly, has this issue already been resolved?

Thanks in advance.


That is correct, it is fixed and is available on the latest daily build which you can get from here:


--- Quote from: Avi on 2023-09-14, 18:34:55 ---Hi,

That is correct, it is fixed and is available on the latest daily build which you can get from here:

--- End quote ---

Hello Avi,
great news!

Thanks, Corona-Team !

Would the devs consider pretty clear bug fixes like this as something you can roll out into a Corona 10 hotfix? New features and tools certainly make total sense pushing into dailies, but if something's found to be a bug and doesn't conflict/require anything new from a daily/new core then it would be a huge benefit bringing it to the current version of Corona instead of having to push into dailies/full new version (which takes time to be released, tested, HF released etc.). It'll be a looong time before we're moving to Corona 11 final + HF, presumably, since C10's only just been released.


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