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Instances don't follow spline exactly


Scatter V1 HF4

I noticed that when you're scattering instances on the spline and set spacing to be exactly the same as spline's segment length, so that each instance would be placed at the spline's knot, they follow direction of previous segment and not the segment ahead. To fix this, you need to increase instances spacing by about 0,2-1% This solves the issue, but leads to another problem - instances are no longer placed exactly at spline's knots and sometimes this is not desirable. I suspect that this might be more of a Max's spline issue, rather than the Scatter's bug, but it would be nice if you could look at this and see if this behaviour could be somehow improved.

I recorded a video, since i think my description might seem a little cryptic.

Hi romullus, thanks for good point. I took a note for that. In the future we would like to invest some time to 1D spline scattering features and per-vertex scattering is one of them. Your issue should be resolved with that.

I'm glad to hear this and will be eagerly waiting for the fix :]


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