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Spline scatter wrong when converting to mesh



I have planks of wood scattered across a curvy spline (it's planar in one direction), they are scattered with Chaos Scatter.

If I hit the "convert to max geometry" button, I don't get expected results. Each plank is slightly off from where it is/where it should be.

Hopefully screengrabs tell the story better... cheers.


18 months later and this is still a very annoying problem.

Any hope to fix this? Or any way to avoid this?

Aram Avetisyan:

First, sorry for lack of communication for so long.
There were similar reports (not specifically linear scatter but conversion in general not being exactly as the scatter) and it mostly had to do with the XForm of the scattered objects.

I just tested with the latest scatter, simple spline and box, and everything work as expected.


I just tested too (will show later) with latest scatter and with a not-so-simple scatter object and spline and it was converted 'off' again.

The xform hasn't been changed.

I'll continue testing...


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