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CoronaBitmap: Check box to acquire bitmap's aspect ratio

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If you could, please add a checkbox in the CoronaBitmap to use the aspect ratio of the incoming bitmaps.
This can be useful when using Triplanar mapping, since triplanar doesn't allow to use a UVW map modifier.

Thank you.


Ok, so this feature which is called "Mapping Source" exists in Vray since Vray Next came out, it bugs me why it hasn't been implemented in corona yet. It's such a time saving and I'm sure it will be widely appreciated by everyone. Ondra please add it :D.

First of all, please don't try to hijack old topic with unrelated requests, you should create new topic for it instead. Second, Ondra is on parental leave, so your request will have to wait for at least a year before even be considered :D

Hey, don't worry, Ondra has an army of clones and they are already writing code for this feature.


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