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What about Houdini?

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Do you know Houdini or just it's your thoughts? )
I.e. Corona only for archviz direction?


I would also love Houdini support, but I think it should be supported much later - because it is mostly used for visual effects and Mantra can already handle it (particles, volumetric, simulations etc.) because this really is the weakest point in Corona. But I hope Houdini support as soon as possible - I would love to see Modo and Lightwave support before Houdini (And yes, I use all these softwares + Cinema 4D is my main app at the moment...)

I know that it is much faster to build procedural city model in 3DS Max with plugins than in Houdini... But Houdini is more flexible and it is mostly used for visual effects where simulations interact directly with other simulation tools (User can mix: liquid, cloth, rigid bodies, softbodies, fire, smoke -> interaction)  but these need mostly volumetric rendering and this is still new thing for Corona.

Houdini +1

The new release 14 is just awesome and more user friendly

Someone already port octane to Houdini and it look like to work very well

I think the integration could be done so much faster than max


Houdini plugin is absolutely awesome and necessary. Vray developers are doing vray for houdini, so corona developers should be fast - community is growing significally every year. and this is very perspective direction.

Rawalanche if you are working in houdini a few years you will not say so.

This project is done in houdini

Houdini +1

Many studios use houdini in their pipelines and not only for fx. It is very comfortable software for lighting and rendering very complex scenes with team working on the same scene at the same time.


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