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What about Houdini?

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I think the original houdini render engine is good enough to separetly render volumes particles etc and then compose in to beauty pases rendered by corona.


--- Quote from: Rawalanche on 2014-02-06, 18:19:44 ---Houdini is software mainly used for particle, fluid, and volumetric simulation. Corona's weakest point are particles, fluids and volumetric simulations. So Houdini should be pretty much last software on the list.

--- End quote ---
I'm afraid I have to disagree with that, you know I'm a hardcore Max and Maya user, but I'm learning Houdini at a great pace and in fact you can do A LOT of things faster in Houdini than in max, in fact I think the two only things you can't do faster is polygonal modeling (specially character modeling) and character animation (you can't do it faster, but you can do it better because of all proceduralism you can reach astonishing levels for rigging/skinning with things you can't even imagine in max, like skin contact with objects for example).

Right now max reveals itself like a great render platform, but if licensing continues the way it seems a lot of people is going to be forced to abandon it, and Houdini seems to be a great platform, you can model and animate in a lot of different platforms, from Blender to Modo or C4D, the key thing is how do you mix your character animation or your arch animation with al the bells and whistles that all clients are asking nowadays, and the major power of Houdini is exactly that, bells and whistles.

So, while I know Corona lacks some features related to vfx, that does not mean Houdini is not a valid platform to develop for because things are rapidly changing and Houdini is going to become a major player IMHO, in fact a possible pipeline could be Modo for modeling/animation + Houdini for the rest of things, this is an awesome powerful mixture.



--- Quote ---SideFX is pleased to announce that Third Party Rendering is being added to Houdini Indie...
--- End quote ---
Coming at the end of May 2016.

& procedural architecture is a very lovely thing.

Will you now reconsider about supporting Houdini in foreseeable future?

As a freelancer in munich I know that many companies are looking for a long term replacement for their Autodesk pipelines since the new licensing model is in place. Houdini is moving up on the list for replacement candidates quite fast. Three munich studios use it regularely now.
Houdini is slowly coming out of it's "nerd" corner and more and more freelancers adopt to Houdini.

i'd kill to see a plugin here, any word on this? i know a bunch of folks who would be interested.


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