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Im experimenting with quite a lot of amazing CoronaScatter features, and I noticed that pretty much non of the scatters have option to have start and end of spline always filled.

So basicly you force scatter to add one item on start of spline and one at the end. Why? Well chains, railings and jelvelery type things can benefit from that.The rest could be filled accordingly to offset etc.

Theres an option in "spacing tool" in 3ds max for that, and that is basicly I would like to propose.

would you want one extra instance added that is at different distance from the previous one (what you drew), or to have all previous ones moved so there are all equidistant and fit the spline just so?

Both options sound good, some situations can benefit from each in different way. At this moment I needed option one.

Maybe a larger approach (also UI) for this like those for posts of the railing object - to keep it extendable? Just as an example pick ideas from.

Good Luck

+1 to all of the above ;)


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