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Gallery / Re: Nordic Kitchen Design
« on: 2024-01-23, 20:04:48 »
Thanks Juraj,
so its just a matter of huge texture resolution. Had a look at Friendly shade and it's impressive.

Gallery / Re: Nordic Kitchen Design
« on: 2024-01-23, 12:36:32 »
Very nice, the colours and mood.

The design can be even more minimal without compromising practicality if you skip the board behind the kitchen top/stove. You really don't need it.
The brickwork is done very well but I find it nearly impossible with Corona to render rough or course brick (see attachement). I haven't managed yet to capture the fine but sharp "bump" real bricks have. A displacement would not work for these fine textural bumps and holes. It's almost like sandpaper also for the reflections. Bumps in Corona always seem to be a bit rounded of in detail.

[C4D] Bug Reporting / Re: Randomized texture problem
« on: 2024-01-19, 15:15:19 »
Thanks, yes that was the first render I did. Your method should work for sure. I just changed the randomizer to tiling in the material and that worked as well. See attachment for the final image. This image was not meant to be super realistic.  The grass is just Chaos Cosmos moss without displacement. The randomizer in this material is set by Chaos to randomize cubic mapping by object and so the distortions where actually randomly rotated projected cubic mappings. Once I set the randomizer to random by tlles all is good even though the material tag is set to cubic.

Gallery / Re: "Thông Reo" Homestay - House in Forest
« on: 2024-01-17, 14:53:35 »
Beautiful !
One thing. I think you over sharpend the images a little. I have new glasses since a few months and I noticed that with a lot of renders I am looking at on the web since then. I have 200% vision (with glasses) according the optician which is very rare. So it might be just me.

For me though pure render speed is not much of a thing. Rendering iterations at low res is much more. I really like the Corona lister for switching off displacements and scatters. I use it all the time. In my workflow it has cut my time spend rendering iterations by a lot.
It would even be better if you could switch displacement and scatters off by a button in the VFB. Maybe a quick preview button at a lower res as well switching everything off on the fly.  The lister works but it's another window to deal with.

[C4D] Bug Reporting / Re: Randomized texture problem
« on: 2024-01-16, 02:16:53 »
Thanks Benjamin,
thanks BIGAL3D but my original post had a typo "orange" :-) for strange...

Anyhow, I changed to randomize by tile in the material itself and all was well after that.

I will also try your option but I rarely go in to UV edit mode.
In this case I am modelling a terrain as mesh surfaces with cubic mappings and displacements. I usually set a material tag to cubic and add a UV tag set to fit the mesh. The latter to be able to scatter by a noise map. Without a UV tag noise maps don't work to scale or distribute scattered geometry.

The thing is I usually only have a few hours to do an image provided I get the building model in C4D. The terrain takes me about an hour and setting up the vegetation another hour. The few hours left are for setting up the sun and sky, rendering and editing the rendered image in LR. See attachment with the distorted texture. I used moss to render grass for this aerial view. This image is still a bit sketchy and not finished yet.

So the less hassle it is to sort out stuff the better.  That is something Coronarender should invest in as much as possible. Ease of use. The whole design process of even large buildings is often done in less than a month with dozens of iterations going on. Imagine the speed at which stuff is rendered out at busy office.
I am happy though that at the forum Corona staff has huge knowhow and willing to help out. Makes a big difference. Even though at the office Twinmotion and Lumion have become the "go to" presentation tools I am still asked to do the more or less architectural images.

[C4D] Bug Reporting / Randomized texture problem
« on: 2024-01-15, 18:43:36 »
Anyon can explain this. When I use moss from the Chaos Cosmos I get strange results. See attachment. When I change the randomiser in the material to tile things get much better. But I am wondering if this is a bug or a faulty material or something else.
Max Studio Ultra.
CR 11
C4D 24

My work is about 80% design and modeling in Vectorworks and C4D, photoshop, lightroom. Maybe 20% rendering.  I do see a huge diffrence with the newer Apple M systems. I went from a late 2015 4core intel mac with 32Gb Ram to a 20 core Mac Studio Ultra M1 128Gb ram. The MacStudio is a fantastic machine but for purely rendering only about as much faster as the increase in cores indicate.

Its my experience that what matters most is the number of cores or threads and enough RAM. Newer computers have better and faster memory(management). But that shows almost only in parcing the scene before render. I wouldn't be surprised if this applies to PC as well for CPU rendering.

In my latest project before a deadline I got confused and just used the simple exposure setting in the VFB that also allows me to use the ACES setting. I don't know really why the camera settings and post settings in the VFB are so hard to understand for all the different overrides and setting locations. Even when I have some grip during some days on a project after a while I forget how and where to set things properly again. Camera photographic settings are not as interactive as simple exposure either.

After some more experimenting I found that best is to add a UV tag to a surface before applying a material with a cubic mapping. Once a UV tag is applied the Scatter noise and image maps for distribution will simply fit on the chosen surface. Iow stretch to fit. That's works. You can't scale maps by percentage or dimensions.

Ok.Can't it be much more. To scale down vegetation within 1 meter is not much.

It's this one, see attachment. Between near and far seems to be limited from 0 to 100cm. Is that correct.

No I did not. But thanks Benjamin. Still, would it not be easier if the settings where not lost at each render ?

[Scatter] I need help! / Spline fall off only up to a 100 cm
« on: 2023-12-22, 00:59:44 »
Am I right to understand that scatter along a spline fall off can only be set to a limited distance, in my case up to 100 cm.

Mac Studio Ultra
Most recents build of OS, C4D and CR.

I noticed that large surfaces do not interact well with the distribution/scale (noise)maps. I don't see any effect in the viewport (like boxes reshuffling ) when I try to edit and rescale noise maps like dents that work well on smaller areas.

I wonder how scatter uses these maps, at what scale relative to the surface they are projected on. I would love to have better control of density and shapes of density in terms of scale and distribution of scattered instances. Somehow I am not getting any noticeable effect on larger fields of grass and wildflowers (20x50 meters for instance) that otherwise get great results on smaller areas. I have only tried rescaled noise maps so far like 200% dents and so on.
Maybe a little more info in detail on how these maps work inside CR would help.

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