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[C4D] Bug Reporting / Randomized texture problem
« on: 2024-01-15, 18:43:36 »
Anyon can explain this. When I use moss from the Chaos Cosmos I get strange results. See attachment. When I change the randomiser in the material to tile things get much better. But I am wondering if this is a bug or a faulty material or something else.
Max Studio Ultra.
CR 11
C4D 24

[Scatter] I need help! / Spline fall off only up to a 100 cm
« on: 2023-12-22, 00:59:44 »
Am I right to understand that scatter along a spline fall off can only be set to a limited distance, in my case up to 100 cm.

Mac Studio Ultra
Most recents build of OS, C4D and CR.

[C4D] Bug Reporting / Need to restart for every render
« on: 2023-12-18, 11:26:43 »
Mac Studio Ultra m1
Latest versions of everything incl. latest C4D.

Since recently I have to restart my system in between every render. System stalls almost immediately at parcing scene. I thought it was because of the huge size of my scene (3,5Gb). But even smaller files have the same problem.

Viewport flickers when Corona sky is active. Happened when I placed a Maxtree asset and when the sky was deleted or inactive the flickering stopped. It does not always happen. Its intermittent mostly when files get big.

OSX Sonoma
Mac Studio Ultra

I am trying to understand and set photographic settings but somehow it does not have any significant effect. And so I always use simple exposure.

It looks like there are 3 separate locations for setting photographic settings, at corona camera level, at the VFB, and at the Camera/Postprocessing at the render settings. I have no clue in what way they override each other and also never see any effect on the image changing photographic settings at any of the locations. Why not simplify this and keep photographic settings only at camera level and make it work. I have never been able to reproduce a simple exposure of -5 for an exterior render by setting a photographic. Is it a bug or me with a lack of complicated knowhow that keeps me using simple exposure.

[C4D] Bug Reporting / Chaos Cosmos opacity maps missing
« on: 2023-11-22, 15:53:16 »
I noticed that when adding assets from Chaos Cosmos the opacity maps are missing for the leaves of trees.
Trying to render trees from Chaos Cosmos results in trees without leaves.
I tried to reconnect opacity maps but they are not downloaded with the assets by Chaos Cosmos.

C4D 24.1 CR-RC2

I noticed that setting texture maps like C4D noise for distribution is not working. Sometimes it does but mostly it does nothing. At least I do not see any thing happen in the viewport when changing settings for the type or scale of the noise.

C4D 2024
daily build
m1 Mac Studio

Hi, I see that the latest daily build crashes Chaos Cosmos. Was not able to get it back to work yet by deleting the cpkg files.
Mac Book Air m1
OS Sonoma
C4D 2024
Daily build 11 20 okt.

[C4D] Bug Reporting / assets don't link automatically
« on: 2023-10-17, 16:52:48 »
Mac OS Sonoma 14.0
CR 11
Mac Studio 20core
C4D 2024

I had this problem before but I notice that models with CR materials imported in C4D do not link their assets automatically at import. I need to relink these assets with the C4D project asset inspector. This happens too when I use assets stored in the C4D asset browser. Some libraries do not contain links and render black in CR.
Anyhow, I need to relink all assets with every import of Maxtree models even though the PB CR material previews show all the proper assets.

Other than that everything seems to work fine. The new C4D2024 is noticeably faster in handling large models.

I have Darstellungsart hedges and bushes. They render fine in IR but all white (no textures) in the CR VFB. It's been doing this since version 9 or 10. I used these a few years ago so I don't know since when this problem started.

Anyone any idea ? I asked Darstellungsart but got no reply.
I can send the file but best only to Corona staff.

Mac Studio Ultra
CR Daily build RC3
C4D 2023.2.1

just to keep the enthusiasm for CR. I rendered a file yesterday with lots of Maxtree assets up to 3.25 Gb and my Mac Studio 128Gb rendered it all without crashing once even during all the iterations before the final render.
I used the edge trimmer for the grass which works very well since C4D allows you to select the texture opacities and set them on edge trimming all at once.

C4D became  slow though, I could only handle the file in wireframe view . Scene preparing by CR also takes a while, a few minutes.  I wonder if other render engines for GPU rendering would allow for much faster iterations and save time to first pixel. The render times for the final high res renderings are less meaningful to me. Since overall most of my time is spend on modelling, vegetation placement and render interations on low res.

[C4D] General Discussion / C4D 23.2.0
« on: 2023-04-01, 23:39:02 »
Just installed the newest C4D 23.2.0
Corona seems to be ok on it.
Be careful though. C4D installed by erasing my previous version including all plugins. Had to reinstall those. Mac OS btw.
Maybe there is a way to prevent this.

I am a bit in a hurry and can't provide files and examples.

But I still have lots of difficulties to set a material colours with the sliders. Setting goes everywhere randomly.
I tried Corona Pattern with a gravel mesh but on anything else than a plane that is undistorted or scaled the patterns do not behave properly. I get flat gravel on each part of a plane that I scaled. I do mnot remember it was so difficult to set a pattern. Now after hours of trying I gave up. It simply does not work. Back to displacement. Pity, I liked the patterns.

General comment. It seems to me that Corona render is getting more and more difficult to use and to navigate around the many little and bigger bugs. Is it because I am using the daily builds ? Some new features can only be used after hours of trial and error.

OSX 13.2.1
Mac Studio Ultra 20 core 128Gb ram 2Tb hd
C4C 2023.1.0

I just updated to OS 13.1 max os.
Since then I get in the finder contant messages/notifications that ula is running in the background. Unworkable really.
I uninstalled Chaos ula and the problem was gone. No idea what ula does though.

This is clearly a bug that is new and happens with the latest Mac OS 13.1 on my Mac Studio Ultra.

[C4D] Daily Builds / displacement no longer works
« on: 2022-12-15, 12:34:17 »
I have a big problem with setting displacement. If I check displacement I get a black preview and the scene becomes very slow. Unworkable really.
I have relinked the texture maps and it seemed to work again but after a few edits all went black again. Deleted the material with the displacement and got the same problem again.
The materials with dispacement from the Chaos material library give the same problem.

Something else as well, when I press render in the Corona VFB window the C4D picture viewer opens and no render is starting.

Is there a way to easily go back to version 9 ?  I am in the middle of a small project and would love to get back to work.

Any help apreciated
OS 13.01
Mac Studio Ultra
C4D 2023.1.0
CR v10 buikld 28-11-2022

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