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[C4D] Bug Reporting / Dual cpu speed problems
« on: 2021-08-18, 13:08:22 »
Hi guys, the 8th daily version of the Corona for the cinema has already been released, and the problem that I wrote about back in 2019 is still present (
The confirmation:
One cpu with no corona bitmap at materials, 9,7m rays actual

TWO CPU (not 2 core) with no corona bitmap at materials, 5,5m rays actual. One cpu is faster than two,LOL.

Two cpu with corona bitmap at materials, 16+m rays actual, this is NORMAL speed.

Are you planning to fix the render speed issue on dual-processor systems at all? If not, then at least add to the converter the ability to immediately convert all textures to the corona bitmap,because doing it manually takes a lot of time, thanks.

For a long time in the Corona for cinema there is a problem that is not present in the version for 3d max. (In Corona Render Benchmark and 3D Max are OK)

I use a dual-processor configuration with two intel xeon e5-2698v4 es

If you just add textures (just one texture in diffusion, gloss, bump), then we have this (LOOK AT THE NUMBER OF RAYS) It is low!

But if you use Corona Bitmap with textures, then with speed everything is fine (again we look at the number of rays)

But .... The Corona Bitmap does not respond to changes in size, scale, turns through transformations in a layers or in a projector

Also the bump does not respond well to the Corona Bitmap

Just texture

Texture with Corona Bitmap

And if you use a lot of Corona Bitmap, then the textures start to blur very much

Please help me, as it takes a lot of time to assign a Corona Bitmap to the textures, and if you don't assign it, it takes a lot more time to render (several times), thank.

[C4D] Resolved Bugs / Dual cpu speed problems
« on: 2018-05-20, 23:02:59 »
Hi all, I have two CPUs - Intel xeon e5-2698v4 es (each has 20 cores \ 40 threads) on the motherboard asus z10pe-d16ws.

In the corona render benchmark, v-ray test, cinebench r15, everything is fine, the results are as they should be, in 3dmax18 + corona render too all ok.

In c4d I manually set how many threads are used for rendering, and as soon as I begin to use the threads of the second processor (in the settings 41 threads , which is 40 threads of the first processor, and 1 thread of the second processor) starts rendering speed gets worse, and the more threads of the second processor are used, the rendering speed becomes worse.

After spending about a month looking for the source of the problem, I noticed that you need to load all the textures through the corona bitmap (it turns out like a "crutch"?), Then with the speed all ok ... But the corona bitmap does not respond to the transformation (scale, rotation) through the projector or the layer

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