Author Topic: vray demo for 3ds max  (Read 2592 times)

2014-05-25, 11:35:32


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Recently i thought, that it would be nice to have vray demo in my max, for me to be able to read/convert some of vray materials that i encounter from time to time. I do not plan or want to use vray or any of it's feature for a split second, apart from material preview. I went to chaos page and saw that there is time limited trial version. Question is, what'll happens when trial period will expire? Do i have to uninstall vray? Maybe there is some other way to convert materials, without having vray installed?
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2014-05-25, 19:27:52
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Just an early warning, lets not discuss any cracks, licencing flaws, bugs, or exploits concerning our vray friends here...
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