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Sure, but if you are using some, ehm... other renderers, that can only do lambertian BRDF with irradiance caching, and rest with very slow path tracing, then glossy specular is the most difficult mode ;) (SDS gets clamped, vray does only E(S*|D)D*L anyway)

Of course. I was speaking in the context of the renderer used in the test above.

Higher glossiness makes renders more noisy. What a strange renderer. :)

Of course it makes it noisier! Diffuse transport is the easiest to render. What you see in the bottom images are complex specular-diffuse-specular paths that are difficult for the renderer (I assume bidirectional path tracing has been used here). One option would be to discard such paths. This would mean that you'll be missing reflections of caustics.

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