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Thank you... Absolutely, I'll do my best :)

Seems like our licensing got some updates under the hood. Please wait until the next build is ready ( which I hope will be soon :) )

I  can confirm Corona Renderer plugin is currently not working correctly under localized ArchiCAD versions.
For developing the alpha version we are using the INT version of ArchiCAD. Thanks for your understanding.

Heh, yeah, tma was right and I'm the fresh reinforcement ;)

Check a new roadmap thread I do my best to update it regularly and fill with fresh information.
We have no fixed date for the next release though. But yeah, the things are moving forward...

I'll investigate and will get back to you with a possible solutions.

Yes, there are plans to support macOS in the future. We are currently working on the roadmap.

Very nice work!

Welcome to the Corona for ARCHICAD roadmap!

The board on that link will be updated regularly.
It's also possible to subscribe to the board so you will be always perfectly informed.

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