Author Topic: Corona Renderer for ARCHICAD Alpha 5 daily build - Changelog  (Read 9517 times)

2020-03-23, 13:43:26


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Changes in Corona Renderer for ArchiCAD Alpha 5 (Daily Build 2020-03-23) (
  • Added
    • ARCHICAD 23 support
    • Reset plugin window UI for a newly created project
    • Added new denoising modes - Intel CPU and Nvidia GPU ( during interactive rendering )
    • Added UVW randomizer texture
    • Added resume rendering functionality. Both Resume last and Resume from file are working as expected
    • Added Clear VFB between renders switch
    • Added rotation and color temperature options into Corona light
  • Changed
    • Geometgry parsing
    • Updated denoising tooltips
  • Fixed
    • Sun in Light Select render element is now working
    • Fixed refreshing of the Corona plugin window UI with saved properties of the current project
    • Fixed material issues when material properties changes were not propagated to the scene during the Interactive rendering session. This will fix also HDRI sky texture Z rotation, etc..
    • Fixed not fully working denoising
    • Fixed denoising functionality in VFB window
    • Fixed FOV change in two-points perspective renders
    • Fixed Enable/Disable functionality for render regions
    • Fixed Enable/Disable of rendering related buttons on the plugin panels
    • Fixed installer will now properly install Corona Image Editor
    • Minor UI tweaks
  • Core
    • Updated to the core version 5
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