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This is a list of frequent problems + possible solutions for Corona for Cinema 4D.
This is a work in progress before the final C4D helpdesk is released.

28.04.2016, Based on Corona A5.1
Update: 28.07.2017

1. Before you begin
Make sure you are using the newest version of Corona for C4D:,15602.0.html

Make sure your system is up to date:
Installing all available Windows Updates solves some problems. Keep in mind that usually it is required to restart the PC, check for updates again, install them, restart, check again... This might be needed a few times.

Some files should be installed before running Corona for C4D. If they are not present, or the installation is damaged, various problems may appear, including Corona not appearing on the plugins list, crashes, or freezes. The easiest way of installing the required system components is downloading and running this application:
All In One Runtimes
It will automatically install most of required system components in case they are missing, or the installation is corrupted.

If you do not want to install 3rd party software, you can also manually download MSVC++ 2015 Redistributable (64-bit version!) which is required to run Corona under the following URL:

Sometimes it may be needed to uninstall the old files, and then install them anew:
Uninstalling .NET Framework
Uninstalling Microsoft C++ Redistributable

Removing Corona:
Some problems may be caused by having two different versions of Corona installed in one C4D directory. Easiest way of getting rid of this problem is removing all Corona files, and then installing it anew:
Files which can be removed:

C4D root folder:
  • Corona_Release.dll
  • CoronaLib_Release.dll
  • CoronaOpenExr2-v140-x64-Release.dll
  • wxmsw302u_v140_corona.dll

"plugins" folder:
  • whole "corona" folder

2. General Problems
Corona not visible on the plugins list
See point 1 - if updating Widnows, installing MSVC++ 2015 Redistributable, and re-installing Corona does not help, please contact our support:

Wait, what if I am using the MacOS version?
Check out this forum message:,15208.msg106246.html#msg106246

Recurrent Crashes or Freezes
See point 1 - if updating Widnows, installing MSVC++ 2015 Redistributable, and re-installing Corona does not help, please contact our support:
If you are experiencing a crash/freeze which you are able to reproduce, please contact our support:
You will be instructed how to create a minidump file which can be used to diagnose the problem.

Team Render Problems
Currently there are some known issues with Team Render support. They will be fixed in the upcoming versions.

3. How to...?
How to load the Corona plugin?
Go to render setup (Ctrl+B), select "Corona" from the "Renderer" dropdown list.

How to add Corona objects?
Check out the "Corona" item in the top menu.
You can also place most of the buttons in the UI using "customize pallettes" option.
Corona materials can be added by pressing the "Corona" item in the material editor.
Corona tags can be added by going to Tags > Corona Tags.

How to add HDRI or custom-color environment?
Check out

4. C4D Forum Links:
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