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Why Corona Physical Materail is so dark in gloom conditions renders?

I have a concrete material for a column, the render is in gloom conditions, direct light is in the other side of the building.

The preview in material editor is OK, but when I hit render this material looks soooo dark. It seems like it reacts so strong to direct light o indirect light.

Jobs / Beautypass Archviz// Looking for freelance jobs
« on: 2023-07-31, 11:55:07 »
At Beautypass Architectural Visualization we are always looking for new projects in which to give our best. We are in Malaga, in the south of Spain and we work for any part of the world.
Please, take a look at our website
We are waiting for your reply, thank you very much!

Hi to all.

Is .crx available in Corona for C4d? I´m very interested in the option of make discontinued renders, start a render in my job and continue it in my home for example.

Thank you so much!

[Max] I need help! / Newbie in Corona, problem with lamps
« on: 2017-09-22, 09:11:12 »
Hi to all!

Recently I´ve installed Corona for Cinema 4d and for my lack of knowledge I don´t know how to make a better lamps than these.

I want to get rid off the bright zone in the top of the glass piece of the lamp, and increase the bright in the light bulb.

What is the correct way, a light material for the bulb filaments, or put a light inside?

Thanks in advance.

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