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You could try Corona 12 Daily 2024-03-05
It has 3ds Max 2025 compatibility, but as always, it could have unsolved bugs

No i didn't, but i think it's not free, right? I saw it has few very interesting features, which i really would love to see in Chaos scatter though.

I thought the same but, Its completely free, at least for now, you only need to create an account and thats it.
I use SiNi Forensic a lot, and someday I click on Scatter thinking that it was a script from Soulburn or another collection and there was it.

If you know free scattering plugin for 3ds Max that is as capable as Chaos scatter and is well integrated to work flawlessly with Corona, then please let me know, i would dearly want to try it. Otherwise i find your question pointless, you may as well ask why Corona itself was created when there was plenty of established renderers on the market already.

Have you  tried SiNi Scatter?
Its really competent for a free alternative, it has more tools than Chaos scatter, at least right now (painter, color/texture variation, etc) combined with forestlite its a really good combo
Havent use with Corona but it works really well with Vray
I also believe that Chaos Scatter its needed, with that you dont depend in other software to do the job and you dont need to wait when its an update

Ohhh thanks Tom!!!

Here is the short answer:

This applies to both 3ds Max 2024 and 2025 with Corona 11 Hotfix 1:

Hi Maru is there ready a 3ds Max 2025 version?
Or is it only the one from the daily build

With the recent Build (chaos-corona-12-3dsmax-daily-2024-03-05.exe) theres something strange with Scatter toolbar

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: New VFB Skin and functionality
« on: 2024-02-14, 18:43:00 »
Understood, thanks for answering, its really to soon to talk about it anyway, keep up the hard work

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: New VFB Skin and functionality
« on: 2024-02-14, 16:23:05 »
I was really hoping that the new VFB could handle cryptomatte masks in Corona 12.
And what about render history? This tool really needs more presence, its practically unusable right now.


On the other note: Where the objects created by having 240 separate splines and 240 separate scatters? Wouldn't it be easier to attach all the splines and have 1 spline, and just 1 scatter? From the attached screenshots, I think that would very well work and there would have not been a need to convert so many scatters.

Yeah that helped... a bit, each scatter had adjustments to each line, I dont know why the person that modeled this object decided that, maibe no one would even notice that each line had different attributes, but the thing is that this kind of tool would really help in other cases where every scatter changes were noticeable or had different scattered objects, please consider to add this tool in the future.


You can do that by your own if you like (just put the code into a macroscript). But that way of "programming" is not the way to go at all, even if it works. What is does, is simply "emulate" being a user who selects the scatters and clicks that "convert" button. If the Corona team would decide to rename the button, it would not work any more. This is all crap, we need a proper maxscript interface for doing it correctly. But in this case (scatter object), that option would perfectly fit into the Corona listener. No need for any additional button, and it would process the scatters way faster.

I know, I already did that, but not many people will read this post, it will be really useful if they decide to take a look into it and improve it like you said, I hope that Corona Team take notice of this kind of details in the future.

Thanks again for your script, I dont care if it works slow and its not the way to go but it just helps the porpuse that I had in mind.

The question was not coming out from curiosity, but from trying to understand what you are after, and trying to be helpful.

I dont know why its so difficult to understand "I need to convert multiple scatters into mesh", but ok

Converting Scatter geometry to Max, even for one scatter object, can be very taxing for the scene - even if the instanced mesh can be simple, creating a large number of objects in the scene, which the conversion does, will most probably lead to scene freeze. I am not talking about hundreds of scatters. This will surely be the same for ForestPack conversion (if it does not attach all the scattered geometry into one object).

You are assuming that because of this, we dont need to convert scatters on mesh? Of course that we would consider that this will provoque frezzes or even crashes, but I wouldnt mind if this works in the end, ForestPack takes some cautions to this, placing new objects on new layer and displays as box or even hiding them, but it can be done.

Unfortunately there is not way to do this in batch. I was trying to create a batch script for you with maxscript for this, but seems there is no way to do it.
This will be registered as a feature request, but this is not something that is regularly done, I believe.
If having the geometry "on place" was the end goal (given the screenshots, I think these are linear scatters), maybe other ways of modeling could be beneficial, e.g. the array modifier (which has solid scattering options too), which would later be easily converted into mesh.

I don't see any other option than to convert them one by one, I am afraid.

Thank u to take your time to try this, fortunately Frood achieve this beautifuly, here are some suggestions from Corona Developers.

Use the script that Frood wrote, test it, make it your own if you will and create a button on the toolbar, put some advice that will provoque frezzes or crashes or whatever. But please add it!!!

Here is the ressult, there were 240 scatters, it didnt took too much time to convert them and it didnt frezzes or crashes.


Here is another (ugly) one for you: select the scatter objects you want to convert and then run this snippet, I hope it works for you:

Code: [Select]
AInterface =  (dotNetClass "Autodesk.Max.GlobalInterface").Instance
cPanel= (windows.getHWndData (AInterface.UtilGetCoreInterface16()).CommandPanelRollup.Hwnd)[7]
max modify mode
sObjects=for o in selection where (classof o==ChaosScatter) collect o
for o in sObjects do (
format "Processing '%'\n"
select o
ConvertButton=windows.getChildHWND cPanel "Convert to Max geometry"
windows.sendMessage ConvertButton[1] 0x201 0 0
windows.sendMessage ConvertButton[1] 0x202 0 0
-- optional, deletes the scatter object after creating meshes:
-- delete o

Good Luck

Ohhhhh myyyyyy Goooooood
Thank u so much Frood!!!!
This worked beautifully
Of course it took a little while converting 240 objects, but man it didnt matter, Preferable to wait 2 min instead of 1 full day doing this manually.

But why do you want them converted?
If you can provide some more details, I may be able to help you better.

Guys Come on? really? I know that you need a good reason in order to prioritize updates or make adjustments but..... Does it really matter why I need to convert them?
I need to convert them as a favor to my client that provide me these models, They dont have anyway to do this, and they need them as mesh.

What about if Im modeling forniture or something that in certain point I want to sell it on 3dsky or wherever, I need to provide a model so everyone can open it without any problem if they dont have certain plugins in order to avoid incompatibility.

This is something that I can do really easy and fast in ForestPack/RailClone
This could be something that you could improve, an easy way to convert multiple or every scatter in the scene as a mesh in order to use them if we dont have Chaos Scatter or any other special reason.

Hi there, I received some Models from a client where it has more than 200 scatters objects and I need to convert them to mesh, is there a way to convert them in batch or an easy way to do it, like I said, theres more than 200 scatters, its gonna take a lot of time to do this.

It will be great to have this operation in the Lister too.
Making a mesh snapshot is probably a fast way to do it (Choose the Scatter object you want to convert > Top Menu > Tools > Snapshot, choose Mesh), but it would not retain the individual instances, every Scatter object would become a mesh, not sure if that's what you're after. The advantage is that you can select all of the Scatter objects and when choosing Snapshot it will convert all of them in one go.

Thanks but this.... didnt do anything, it created a new scatter object with same properties, no new meshes :(

Hi there, I received some Models from a client where it has more than 200 scatters objects and I need to convert them to mesh, is there a way to convert them in batch or an easy way to do it, like I said, theres more than 200 scatters, its gonna take a lot of time to do this.

It will be great to have this operation in the Lister too.

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