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If it crashes for us opening it, definitely not a waste of time, as we'll be looking to fix that crash too as a bonus extra. TBH sending in a scene always helps, so is never time wasted. And we do appreciate you taking the time to do that!

It's all good. 

I have no idea what part of the scene is causing it.  Also I had a previous message from support saying they can't even open the scene because it crashes despite me having no issues at all opening it at my end.  So it seems it was indeed a waste of time.

Response from support -

After discussing this issue with our devs, it seems like they are aware about this issue, and it is currently logged in our system. It is currently being investigated. According to our devs, this can rarely happen when user uses UHD or 4K cache.
We will let you know if there are any updates on this."

Would have been good to know that before I spent half a day sorting the scene out ready for upload then waiting ages for the 6GB file to actually upload

Ticket #246345 scene is confidential

DCC is Digital Content Creation or in this case Creator - ie, 3ds Max or C4D with associated version number :)

Cool, I'll include all info in the support ticket.  Uploading now

Will do.  I've also got a another issue/bug with this scene.  Can I report it in the same ticket?

Hey, can you try with Corona 11 HF 2, just to be sure? because there were some changes related to color and removal of gamma operator.

Hi Avi, no luck I'm afraid.  The issue persists with HF2

Corona and DCC version?

Corona 11 Hotfix 1 - not sure what you mean by DCC

I always found this to be the case as well, although very minor, so I never really even bothered to do PS overlay to check. I thought it's byproduct of some order-of-operation or layering method, etc..

Yeh it's more obvious when you view the whole image, but I think even that crop is signifcant enough.  If its perceptible just from switching from Light Mix to Beauty in the frame buffer then it needs fixing imo

Open these two on top of each other in PS and switch between the layers.  They're not identical and they should be.

there are other lights in the scene but everything is turned off.  I turned 'Rest' off anyway just incase it was picking up any of the other lights that were turned off.

I've just setup light mix.  The scene only has 3 lights.  I've not adjusted any setttings yet in lightmix, just separated out the lights.  But there is a difference between the beauty pass and the light mix pass.  The shadows are lighter in the lightmix pass.  I'm just waiting for the render to finish and will upload comparision shots when it's done, but just wondered if anyone had experienced the same thing.

But if my settings are as shown in the screenshot and those are the only 3 lights in the scene then it should look identical to the beauty right?

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: Toon Outlines
« on: 2024-05-02, 12:07:08 »
+1 For this.

If corona wire had a way to just do profiles and not all edges it would be absolutely ideal for rendering elevations. Im certain ive seen tons and tons of this same request for the past ten years. If you did it, it would likely make a ton of people very happy!

It's easily the most requested feature here on the forums, loads of different threads requesting it.  Just to clarify to the devs, we're not looking for a full 'toon' setup, we just want a wire shader that handles edges in the same way VRay Toon does and as JP says, one that doesn't highlight every single edge in the underlying geo.

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Juraj's Renderings thread
« on: 2024-05-01, 12:15:39 »
I will leave Juraj to comment on his workflow :) I have tested something similar this last week though, using ComfyUI, and I can say that trying to do "face improvement" at 512x512 does not work, it just uglifies things :) For me I had to take a crop of my test image which ended up being 374 x 669, upscale it through a 4x upscaler to 1496x2672, then pass that through the Realistic model with 0.49 denoising, and then it improved clothes and faces. Trying to do that on the original crop with no upscaling just made things worse - so in the way I had things set up, a) you are not limited to 512 at all and b) 512 makes things worse.

This may be dependent on GPU memory though.

For interest, this was on a 4080 laptop GPU with 12GB memory, with similar performance seen on a 3070 Ti desktop. It was about 60 seconds to process the crop (that is to upscale it with a face sensitive upscaler, and then feed it through the model, combined in that time)

Also Tom (sorry to hijack the thread a bit here feel free to move into a new thread), i'm assuming here that your crop was of the whole person, so in effect the face was much much smaller than 374 x 669 crop.  The upscale then allowed the 'face' to fill the 512 marquee better in the resulting 1496x2672 image giving more starting fidelity for SD to work with?

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Juraj's Renderings thread
« on: 2024-05-01, 10:38:27 »
upscale it through a 4x upscaler to 1496x2672

Hey Tom, are you referring to an  external upscaler like Topaz here or an AI upscaler inside Stable Diffusion, just wrapping my head around all this stuff

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