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Hi Everyone,

In Corona 10 Daily Build, we have added support for multiple output maps. (Only available in the Slate Material Editor)

What is it?
The Multiple Output Maps feature allows you to have additional input and output slots within a single Corona Color Correct or Corona Triplanar map. This is super helpful in having greater control over multiple textures using a single node.

Note: Multiple Output Maps feature support for “Mapping Randomizer” is coming soon.

How to use:

1. Open the Slate Material Editor in 3ds Max using the latest Corona 10 Daily Build : Download Corona 10 Daily Build.
2. Create either a Corona Color Correct map or a Corona Triplanar map node.
3. In the map properties, you'll find a new option called "Additional Outputs" at the bottom.
4. The default value is 0. Increase the value to specify the number of additional output slots you want for the map. The more slots you have, the more input textures you can plug in and utilize.

Why it's awesome:

1. This expanded functionality is helpful for better organization of multiple maps into a node.
2. We can quickly iterate multiple textures at once using this feature. For example: Instead of making repeated same actions on multiple nodes to affect textures, we now are able to do those repeated actions using just 1 node which makes the overall process more efficient and artist friendly.

Please find attached some examples in this thread.

[Max] Daily Builds / Corona Slicer Material playground!
« on: 2021-12-07, 17:10:01 »
From the latest Corona Renderer 8 Daily Builds Changelog:
  • Added new Corona Slicer Mtl   
Download Link :

Corona Slicer can be found in "Materials>Corona>CoronaSlicerMtl"

How to use?

1. Create any polygon geometry which you want to use as a Slicer Object.
2. Create a new material "CoronaSlicerMtl" and apply to your slicer object.
3. Intersect your Slicer object with any object you want to slice.

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