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Chaos Scatter - Switch ON/OFF

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Hi, maybe someone thought of this already but would it be possible to implement a switch function for chaos scatter?

IMO the switch would make the work in editor much more fluid for example if used with camera clipping or just to render quick previews without these extreme parsing times.

Warmest regards,

You can use the C4D native approach, no? Uncheck the green checkmark so that the object is ignored (do that on the Scatter itself, and it disappears from viewport and render). Unless you are looking for something different, in which case let us know :)

Or perhaps you can set the scatter viewport display to ''None'' and it will still render when needed?

Great to see someone else mentioning this problem. I don't know why its not relevant enough. When you have really complex scene - when you have more than 10-20 chaos scatter objects you dont have time to switch off one by one. If you just put it in one folder and hide it - that doesn't make parsing time quicker.

I've also talked about this and no big help here:

My solution was and still is this one in the attachment. It turns off/on every scatter and proxy object in the scene. (ctrl + double click on chaos scatter and proxy objects). I bet it can be done in code but i'm not a programmer.

It seems painting them off in one click seems easier than multiple clicks to turn them off? Even grouping them in a null and turning that off in less clicks is also doable. The result is the same, one is faster and less time saving. This is just my personal opinion btw. ;)


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