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Corona scatter SCALE ROTATE distributed objects ??

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Hi Romullus,

Could you explain why is it a "great" improvement? Aren't we agree that the efficienty was waay better only by grabbing the object scale, rotate or whatever...  it requires at least 3 more clicks x 20 scattered objects... :) but beside jokes if i have like 20 plants to scatter ( lets say 100 MB each ) i can not give up all my proxies - duplicate them to mesh - and have a 2gb  .max file for god's sake! Saving time and even worth, autosave time could increase insanely!!! In my work flow , to be the more efficient, i found that i have to KEEP LOW file size, n° of poly-s etc etc, i like to work, not to wait! And again, im on I9 1080TI x 2 128RAM so can not really boost more my working environnement.. :)

So what do you mean by  "you don't need proxies with Cscatter anyway " ?

Because before, when cScatter took instanced objects' transformations into consideration, it was unbearingly slow to work in viewport, previewing animations was completely impossible. Last time i checked, it was much better, but still not ideal - translations still affected scatterer, but that was few months ago, maybe now it is completely fixed.

--- Quote from: tmsfischer on 2019-01-10, 10:38:43 ---So what do you mean by  "you don't need proxies with Cscatter anyway " ?

--- End quote ---

Well, if you can't afford to have even single mesh instance in your scene, then yes, that might be an issue. I will submit a request about transformations in proxy UI.

I see Romullus, thank you for your answer! I did have this issue as well with scattered animated instances, in fact, so i got it now!

But anyway, having a little transformation slider in Cproxy parameters, would be awesome!

The CSatter transformations were modified in the new version so that the transformation of the object did not affect the scattered objects. IMHO is so right, if it does not affect rotation and movement, neither the scale can influence. That it does so multisacatter is no excuse :)

If you want to change the scale, you can use the scatter functions directly.

If you want to scale a source object with an influence on scatter objects, you have to do it at the polygon/mesh level

For Corona proxy objects, this is unfortunately not possible. Hopefully Corona team will fix this soon.

In fact, would be nice to have an option, either affect scattered object transform or not  in scatter settings...

IMO this update affects too much the workflow of some users (like me :( ). Personnally I created my whole library  ( my speedtree vegetation lib, my object lib etc ) through 5 years and as i create everything by myself the scale is not always correct (naturally ), and also each project needs some light adjustement regarding to the proportion between scattered objects...

with this new workflow i would have to review my whole library, create a "basic scale" version of my proxies and hope not to need some of these objects in bigger or smaller version in the same scatter...   

so i repeat myself, translation sliders in Cproxy properties would be essential, please CORONA TEAM, do something!


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