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Corona scatter SCALE ROTATE distributed objects ??

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As already mentioned, it is now expected that scaling/rotating the original object will not affect the scattered objects. From V3 changelog:

* Rotation and scale of original instanced objects no longer affects  scattered instances. Does not change old scenes unless Legacy checkbox  gets unchecked.
This may be sometimes unwanted, so we will think about improving it (I think "consider original object transforms" checkbox makes sense).
Also, scaling for CProxy is a good idea.
Logged both feature request.

(internal note id=309731780 and id=309734046)

maru, i already made request for proxys transforms, so you may want to remove my topic as duplicate:

Whatever happened with this issue. Would really like to be able to edit scale (and pivot points) of CProxy objects for scattering...

This is one of the features of Chaos Scatter and you will be able to try it in the upcoming daily build.
More info on Chaos Scatter and Corona 8 in general:

Hi, you can check out the new Chaos Scatter that has been just added to the latest Corona 8 daily build.


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