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Corona scatter SCALE ROTATE distributed objects ??

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Hi guys,

First of all, VV Corona 3 !! The real time denoising stuff is amazing!!

I had just one issue, placing my first corona scatters....
It seems that the new Cscatter uses the original scale( 100 / 100 / 100 ) and rotation (0/0/0) of the distributed objects so i can not change any more the size of my scattered objects direclty by scaling the original one, i have to enter in sub poly mode and change directly in the sub object.
It means also that if im using Cproxies, and want to rescale one of them in my scatter i have to reexport a new proxy?? not so efficient...

Im the only one having this problem, it is normal ?

But you can rescale the scattered objects from within scatter, using the scaling parameters (e.g. set min and max scale to 150% or 25%) - right?

Of course Maru, i can, but if i want to change the proportion between my scattered objects  i have to do as i said before ( sub poly or create new rescaled proxy ... )

In fact, it is something extremely annoying,i can not even use corona scatter this way
I have to use my old laggy multiscatter ... slows down too much the viewport and the active shading
(on max 2018 i have a superoptimised 60 MB file with five multiscatter objects - 3000 objects scattered on each ), should not go like a snail on 128 GB / 1080 TI/ i9 ...

any idea on solving it?
the only thing i need is to scale my original scattered object and it scales everywhere in the scatter "instancedly"- like before :(

This is not a bug, but actually great improvement of Cscatter!

To scale individual instanced objects, you can add xform modifier on top and scale/rotate/translate through it. Unfortunately, this doesn't work with proxies, so maybe there's a place for feature request to implement transformation adjustments directly in proxy UI? For now, workaround would be to convert proxy to mesh and use xform modifier - you don't need proxies with Cscatter anyway.


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