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Corona scatter, random move on backburner

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I got some very disturbing bug, I render frames over network for an animation, a simple flythrough, but on random nodes, Objects within Coronascatter "rotate".

I restart job three time, Stil same bug, BUT on some other nodes ! (ex. test01 bug on render 10 an 36, test02 bug on render 4 and 51,...)

We have over 60 Nodes, all have acces to the same ressources, have same corona version.

To give some extra info, I got A few multiscatter Too in this max file.

anyone got this issue?

Here are a few frame with bug.

random Jumping/rotating assets.

Hi, are those jumping objects scattered using the Corona Scatter or Multiscatter?
If it's Corona Scatter, you can try enabling the "temporal consistency" option.
You should also make 100% sure that you have exactly the same version of Corona on all PCs.

If that does not help, it would be great if you could report your problem to and attach a scene where the problem can be reproduced.

hi, it only happens on Corona Scatter. Multiscatter are fine.

Ok for "Temporal consistency" option to enable, I ll give a shot.

100% sure corona are the same version. and has said before, it happen on a random basic on random node.


how often does that happen? How many frames/how many nodes?


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