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Scatter does not seem to respect Mat ID's when using a map for distribution


I have two boxes, one with a material ID of '1', and the other '2'.

I have a Scatter object that selects both boxes. Then using a multimap with mode set to 'Material ID' I have two different textures in each ID slot to simulate a multi UDIM tile texture setup. The multimap is being used in the 'Map' slot of the Scatter object for distribution.

But it seems that only the material ID 1 texture gets applied to both objects. If I have a character with multiple UDIM tiles, and I need to scatter objects over specific areas of specific tiles (using textures), I am currently unable to do so.

This looks more like a limitation specific to Corona Multimap - it is not "dynamic". It will be the same if you use it for example to control displacement. Only the value which is used in the 1st item slot of the multimap will be used.
Not sure if fixable.

So I found a work around for now using Max's 'MultiTile' map, however the CoronaScatter object is a little slow to update when using many tiles.


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