Author Topic: Is anyone using the 7950x?  (Read 365 times)

2022-11-25, 08:28:47

Redner Anoroc

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Im in the process of building a new work PC, and i have some questions about 7950x, maybe from someone who is already using it with max and corona.
I know there are some topics related to this but i need a little more info before i decide if i should go with 7950x or stick with 5950x

1 - My biggest confusion with 7950x is the temperature, which from what ive read, goes above 90°+, and i m curious if this is how it behaves every time we model something in max, or do a quick test, or just when we throttle to max for the final image
2 - Ive seen some topics about limiting the voltage to the CPU in order to "relax" its power, lowering the energy consumption and temperature by a lot, yet not losing much performance, but will this mess with the CPU, is it unsafe? 
3 - Will an air cooler handle 90°+, i know Noctua are great, but i have no idea how they fair against this for a 2-5h render session
4- Another this im curious about is the electricity consumption since the price for electricity went nuts this year in EU. Looking at the last graph it doesnt seem that much of a change compared to some older CPUs, but are those numbers even accurate?

I know that there are some topics/vids about 7950x around the internet, but most of them dont adress the subject from the rendering perspective, mainly gaming

Thank you