Author Topic: Hi I am looking for a nice build to replicate for a small archviz studio.  (Read 1237 times)

2021-07-09, 21:51:30


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Hi everyone.
 I'm part of a archviz studio and we have to replace the machines cause its a terrible mess . We have to buy 10-15 machines for freelances to be comfortable working.
Our budget is around 2.5-3k € per machine (we already have screens/mouses/keyboards)
We work with 3ds max and corona mainly.
I'm looking for a good build in those prices, and even if i'm quite interested in hardware related questions, i know the "top notch"hardware but i'm incapable of fitting "good enough" hardware with a given "low" price. If you have any idea where i could look to find "up to date" nice builds that would be very cool.(I browsed the forum and it looks like there are some available configurations but they are 1-2 years old...)
We are amd for the moment and we want to stay this way.
128 ram is a must
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2021-07-10, 09:01:57
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That's a perfect budget for AMD Ryzen 5950X. It's faster in daily work than current Threadrippers (which won't fit into sub 3K budget well, and the upcoming ones in fall or winter will be even more expensive probably).

The rest will depend on part availability on current market, which is very volative. Memory prices rose like 30perc. in past 3 months alone, and let's not talk about GPUs :- ).
Situation is improving but it will be an issue for at least another six months so don't try to buy parts which you won't be able to get in high quantity.

If you want to build multiple machines, it's best to make them identical to make servicing and troubleshooting (and cloning installations) so much more easier.

All the builds in this forum are still accurate, the current AMD platform hasn't been updated in years. If you find build with any X550/570 board, 4x32GB 3600 CL18 DDR4 memory it will work. Any NVMe SSD, any PSU from reputable brand, any PC case you like, all universal.  Website and blog   Our studio Behance portfolio
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2021-07-10, 20:26:14
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2021-07-14, 10:53:49
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We just bought a new pc for the same reasons, here is what we got:

AMD Ryzen 9 5900X
ASUS TUF B550-Plus Mainboard
BoostBox Liquid B240 Watercooling
Geforce RTX 3070
850W Power Supply