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Hardware / Re: Which Monitor is best?
« on: 2024-06-06, 16:53:06 »
You might just be sitting further away :- ). I use 150perc. for 32" 4K with tripple surround (3x32") and 150perc. for 27"/4K when I am travelling with  single or dual 27" monitors but I sit much closer to that setup.

I use additional 125perc. scaling on top for internet browsing.

Even with my lens or glasses, I couldn't do 125perc. either and I would find 175-200perc. to be very comfortable for text but already problematic with how it condenses all visual elements. It's all compromise sadly for text vs graphic parts.
Apple does 200perc. for 27" 5K resolution, so it's not like you're in some too odd territory :- ).

No way. My eyes are just 45cm (17 inches") away from the monitor. In fact, the text at 125% is even smaller than the text on a WhatsApp chat on my phone. I'm on a 27" Dell U2723QE

Hardware / Re: Which Monitor is best?
« on: 2024-06-06, 05:00:42 »
I am using an 27 inch Dell U2723QE with 125% scaling since one year and find it great.
There is also bigger one U3223QE avaliable:

also, some great articles:
Monitor selection guide:
Jonny Elwyn reviews and main concepts of choosing right display:

just 2 cent. who knows, maybe it helps :)

Man! Are you able to read the text at 125%? I have the same monitor and at 125% I can't see a thing! Mine is at 200%. Could you shed some light? I must be doing something wrong!

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Price Increase
« on: 2024-01-24, 01:15:07 »
Requests for Toon have popped up over the years, for sure; however when compared to our USP mentioned earlier about photorealism for archviz - toon is not realism, and has a more limited use in archviz, which affects it's ranking in priority. I know for some Toon is really important, but in our assessment when you look at archviz projects published anywhere from Behance to CG Architect to Artstation, very few use such a shader. Again, this is just to give an insight in to how we assess things in terms of priority, not to say that someone wanting a toon shader is wrong - just that we have to consider that request inside of a bigger, particular picture.

This is different for V-Ray of course as it is very much a general purpose engine that gets used for all sorts of things, and Toon is much more widely used in that regard. Naturally those who request Toon will see it's priority differently, and naturally it would sound like they have projects and work where it would be a fit else they wouldn't request it, but overall we've felt that other things take the lead in terms of the target market and use of Corona - so the request isn't ignored, just that is how we've assessed it so far when we choose what to work on for the next release. Sorry to those who are disappointed at not having such a shader yet, of course.

What about Vantage support then? That's the number one archviz requested feature. What about the improvements in chaos scatter which has been added in V-Ray long time ago but not in Corona? What about ALL the small features that would make our work easier and we never see in Corona but we do in V-Ray. We don't even have a SIMPLE infinite plane which has been requested many times! Is that not needed in Archviz? What about hybrid CPU+GPU rendering which V-Ray has? Not needed for archiviz either?

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Price Increase
« on: 2024-01-23, 19:34:29 »
Also, what's the point of asking the community about the features we want if at the end of the day you won't listen?

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Price Increase
« on: 2024-01-23, 19:25:02 »
I have to agree on almost everything ONO says.

V-Ray has added all Corona features and it's development is wayyyy faster. Every small new feature comes to V-Ray first. Even Scatter has been developed faster for V-Ray! Corona can't add even a single "edge trimming" button while V-Ray added long time ago. And all Corona developers could say when I pointed this out was "well, I guess V-Ray team is faster".

Same goes for some bugs I posted many months ago to which I have got answers like "this is a 3ds Max problem, not the renderer". Then after pointing out how V-Ray had managed to solved the same issues instead of blaming Max, all we get is a "well, we'll need to check what V-Ray team have done there". But the issue is never addressed.

Not sure if Chaos final goal is to kill Corona to be honest, but that's probably what will end up happening.

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Price Increase
« on: 2024-01-17, 04:39:31 »
We had to move back to V-Ray which although far from perfect, has a MUCH faster development. GPU speed is awesome and we have Vantage compatibility. Gone are the days when Corona devs really listened to the community and gave us significant releases. I guess they found a comfortable spot and decided to settle.

+ please make it work with HDRI lighting/backgrounds too :)  Pretty much useless if it's only accessible in Corona Sky map.

[Scatter] Feature Requests / "Use object local axis" option
« on: 2023-10-14, 01:58:50 »
It seems impossible to make objects rotate on it's local Z axis ONCE they've been rotated on X or Y axis FIRST.

It would be helpful to have an "Use object local axis" option for both "Translation" and "Rotation".

My Goal:

Scatter Step 01:

Scatter Step 02:

Scatter Step 03:

Our dev team checked the behavior, but unfortunately it's completely outside of our control:
We update the IR based on messages that we get from 3ds Max, the parameters we get there are very brief. It is sometimes impossible to get any useful information from them. It gets the modified node (the modified object, not the camera), so we can't tell why it happens only when we are rendering from the camera. Also there is nothing like "before" and "after" state which we could compare to see if something really changed.
This is something that can't be fixed on our side. We just get from Max the information that the object is still moving, while it is not.

We may try looking into it again at some point, but the most likely scenario is that we just have to consider it a limitation.

How is it that V-Ray doesn't have this problem but you do?

Even Vantage lets you apply your LUTs in linear:

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2023-09-08, 18:29:32 »
I'm sorry for sounding rude. I don't want that.

It's frustrating though how little attention this feature is been given by the team despite the frequent requests from the users

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2023-09-08, 17:27:41 »
I hear mention of Vantage now and then, but I didn't get an answer when I last asked this question: everyone is aware that it is a paid product now, and costs roughly $600 a year? So when you say you want Vantage compatibility, you are saying you would be willing to pay that?

I'm pretty sure you haven't just heard people asking for it "now and then" since we've been asking for it all the time and everywhere. But it seems you guys don't want to make that move. Just Make a poll. Try to reach most people with it and you'll find out Vantage and GPU rendering are the most wanted feature.

I personally had to move back to V-Ray GPU/Vantage after getting a 4090 and the difference in speed is massive. It's just on another level. I do prefer Corona's more straight forward workflow and UI, but at this point in time that's all it has to compete. V-Ray development is way faster, GPU rendering is way faster, and now you have Vantage compatibility.

thanks, then I think it should be completely disabled unless one switches to HQ quality view mode. The way it is now at least, it just feels buggy and hard to work with. ANd most people don't need to constantly see an accurate interpretation in the viewport at all times.


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