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Bump value in e.g. round edges shader


Hey there,

I'm not sure if bug or feature ;) If this is the wrong forum, please move this thread.

Is it maybe possible to adopt for instance the bump value from the top layer of a corona material into the round edges shader's own bump channel if the shader is added later?
As an example: I have a noise in the bump channel with a value of maybe 75%. Later in the process i want to add the round edges shader to the bump channel.
Now the round edges shader is getting the 75% and noise which is moved to the aditional bump channel inside the round edges shader gets the default value of 10%.

Imho, the value for the round edges shader should always be at 100% and the value of the shader wich gets moved to the bump channel inside the round edges shader should keep its original value (75% in this example).

Thanks for your great work at all times!


Hi there,
Thanks for contacting us.
This is mostly a workflow thing.
Ideally, when you're creating your materials, you should be considering the usage of the Round edges shader (depending on the material type), this way it will be there from the very first moment.
Although in most cases this is not the case as usually materials are being updated or improved by user requirements or even by a request of the end user (client).
I understand the request, and even that it sounds easy to implement, I think we first should research about it to try to find a better approach and to not break things here and there.
I'll suggest this to the dev team, however please consider that other implementations, features and bugs fixings require more attention and resources at this moment.
In the meantime, it is still a workflow thing.
If you're switching from a simple Bump map or even a Normal map to a combination of Round Edges shader + a Bump map or a Normal map, then the Round Edges shader intensity should be set to 100% and the influence of the Bump map must be fine tweaked as the user needs.

Hey bnji!

Thanks for your quick and deatiled answer. I fully understand all the things you pointed out.
I just wanted to bring this up. No gamebreaker for me though.

Have a great Day!

Glad to help.
We want to thank you for your valuable feedback.
Have an amazing day/evening.


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