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Did you know that you can use pick object from VFB function on Corona scattered objects and it will pick correct source object and not the scatterer itself. Let's say you scattered bunch of pebbles in a backyard, did a quick test render and noticed that you don't like a shape or colour of one of the pebbles, but struggle to find the offending object in the scene. All you need to do, is to press pick button in Corona VFB and click on rendered pebble that you want to select.

In case people didn't know this is actually a thing (I didn't), you can assign multiple connected nodes to a new root simply by assigning the output bracket to the root of node connections.  (Thanks Sprayer ;).

You didn't this maybe it because won't work on old max versions? On 2020 it didn't work )

By the way you can drag root just on node not only in root slot if you hard to aim on small zoom level for example menu will appear to choose slot

looks like your gif not working even after downloading.
you need to change forum engine already and attach videos =)


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