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Low Rays/s and general slowness



I have the feeling that Corona is becoming slower and slower with each release.

That's probably my fault since I like to put always more stuff in my scenes with all the bells and whistles. To be clear I keep things simple in the sense that I don't fake anything and go straight to the point (more or less). But I'm using all the features Corona has to offer (anisotropy, sss, displacement, no fake lighting etc. ) and it's really convenient but I'm beginning to feel a bit too much the price to pay for that simplicity.

What is your typical ray/s value in your interior design projects ?

I'm often around 2M, but it also often goes as low as 1,5M (on an OCd 5950X). Typical .c4d file size is around 1GB, it can be managed but IR is obviously very far from interactive at this stage, and even tests / regions renders are painful to deal with ( parsing times hellooooo). Copy pasting objects in a new scene to adjust a material look is second nature to me now.
For final rendering, from 2h for the best case scenario to 7h/8h sometimes, with an average time of 4h at 4K - 4/5% noise - 100 passes.

Not a rant, I know my projects are heavy and that performances decreases according to scene complexity but this slowness is distracting me more and more from the creative side of my work and I'm getting tired of it. I guess using Blender on the side for the modeling doesn't help since Cycles is very responsive and the comparison hurts (but I'm not getting into that debate, it has its own issues too !).

Did you ever feel that way about your workflow, your projects? If so how do you manage it, do you have any workaround? Should I upgrade my hardware ?

I already know about this article and this topic, but it hasn't changed much.

I second that.

I also have the feeling that Corona has been getting slower. I dont know since when and I have never used a stopwatch, but the feeling exists indeed.

When rendering stills I do not care about that, but for animations I catch myself accepting higher noise levels to save time.

I remember Vrays main claim with each release was always: SPEEED! . I wish corona would speed up too.


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