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different UV mappings for select material layers


I would like to simulate 3 different types of roof tiles on a house.

The roof has already UV mapping for the first tile which has correct size/mapping.

Is there a way to resize the UV lengths in the material setup of the other 2 materials?

thanks for all tips,


I didn't understand if the materials are used inside a Layered Material or stacked with Texture Tags and opacity maps, or not at all, but here few ways to do it :

- use a different UVW Tag for each material by placing each one to the right of it's Texture Tag

- use the Projector shader to modify the bitmaps scale inside the material. Caution, it has several issues with some Corona shaders.

- convert the materials Bitmap shaders to Corona Bitmaps and use the UV settings in the Additional Mapping section

Hi there,

Thank you so much @John_Do for your suggestions. These are indeed some of the most common ways to adjust/change texture's scale.

@Konichowaa, it would be great if you could provide us with more details/info regarding what you're trying to achieve.
You can share with us some screenshots, screen recordings or even your scene project. (or at least a stripped-down version if you're not able to share your entire project).
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Have an amazing day/evening.


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