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Control Emissive Material texture via Xpresso/User Data



I am working on an Xpresso rig where I need to end user to drop a texture into my user data slot and this would become the texture for an emissive texture on a plane in the scene.  I have the setup working correctly in Redshift, so I know My methodology is working overall.  It's all simple set driver/driven stuff.

With Corona, when I drag the material into the Xpresso window, there is no port for Emission Texture, only Color (& Color R,G,B) - am I missing something?  Connecting to the color port isn't working and when I try to manually drag the texture field from attributes to the node, it lets me make a Texture port, but it won't let me connect anything to it.  Weirdly, I can choose Texture from the OUTPUT side of the node but that does nothing to help me.

Any thoughts here?  I realize this is an obscure request.



Here is a sample scene that shows a basic version of the setup.  Thanks in advance for any ideas.

here u are ;)

Brilliant!  That works perfect - thank you!


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