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Corona Materials to Unreal engine pipeline


I've searched everywhere but wasn't able to find a way to properly export corona materials from 3dsmax to Unreal engine. Whats the pipeline ? thanks !

Oddly enougj, I started doing the same thing yesterday.

What worked for me was not using CoronaPhysicalMaterial in my scene but the Legacy ones.

I find it easier to just use Unreal materials presets (especially for metal and glass).

Unreal has released about 500PBR materials (the Twinmotion collection) for free.

Download here:

You will need to restart Unreal (and wait a long at the restart for shader compilation). I could not get glass exported from corona to show, I used the one from Unreal. Also, some of my lights only showed in Unreal when I changed the unit to candelas (they were imported in lumens) and from point lights to circle in the light setting.

Finally. Make sure that you check online how to disable "autoexposure" and "bloom" in your project settings (under render) to start with because autoexposure is evil at thi stage!

My findings after a few hours of playing with Unreal (from Corona).

Hope this help.

Philip kelly:
Can I ask what sort of work are you working on, and any chance of a look at the project when you bring it in and then as you texture it.

I am trying to learn how to use Unreal so I am taking a finished Corona project (a bathroom) into it.

I will see what I can about posting as though as though I have not signed an NDA I need to make sure it does anot annoy anyone down the line...

It is scary jumping into something like Unreal. I had done a few half-assed attempts in the past but once you start getting a basic result, it is very exciting.

Really interested in this topic. I'll be following your posts.


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