Author Topic: Render Elements malfunction  (Read 400 times)

2022-05-09, 15:01:05


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Hi all,

How is everyone-
I've been having a problem with render output: I'm trying to render render elements (i.e. Masking ID)- it's a single render element but when I enable render elements I'm met with a fatal error that reads "The path of the following render elements have either an illegal character in its path or filename or the path does not exist - The render will be aborted." This is not true, because when you disable render elements and just render beauty without any additional elements, it will output to the same file path without issue. I've tried changing the render element name, (from C_Masking_ID to Matid, although there aren't any illegal characters in either name...) but still, no dice. Attaching screenshot of the fatal error.

Has anyone else had a similar issue? I'm convinced it must be a bug... I've never come across this problem before and it really throws off my post production process.

Thanks in advance!