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corona8 frame buiffer, darker

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I seen to have a prob,
just started with Corona R8, and getting darker images than expected when i open in PS. gamma enables and set to 2.2 (reminds me of  the horrible vray days)
I render and save as png, > i open in PS then image is darker than the corona frame buffer image.
this wasnt happening in R6 (I skipped R7 )
any ideas?

What Color Settings are you using in Photoshop? (Edit -> Color Settings), in particular Working Spaces and Color Management Policies.

as per yours Tom, with the exception of a checked box for 'Compensate for Scene -referred profiles'

So if i save straight out as a png from the FB it will be dark in ps,
if I save as a cxr and then as a png it will be corect in PS but even with alpha split option ticked in the save options dialog the environment (corona sky with ground) I cannot load slection without the entire image being selected, i.e. object  and background not sepatated, what am i missing??? i havent had this issue in previous versions, I can upload scene if that helps,

Scene, and screengrabs (so we can see how it looks in the VFB) and image (so we can try loading it into PS), could be useful (though someone may recognize this issue even without those).

ok stripped down scene, but same issue of diff between vbf and opening PNG in PS

hopefully this will help to see whats up with my scene.



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