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Latest build seems much more 'crashy' Edit: It's NOT Corona!

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Sorry but this is not helpful as I can't nail down the issue but since updateing to the latest V8 build I'm seeing many more crashes. Cinema just blinks out. Not even a freeze, it just disappears. It's usually after I've set the interactive render going and click on something or move the view but I can't be certain what it is.. This is the first time I've had this with Corona and nothing else has changed since I updated (although there was a recent R25 auto update...). It may not even be Corona of course, but it seems to be after the update. I'd go back a build but the NaN issue is actually more of a pain so I'll put up with the crashes for a bit :-)

Anyway, if I can figure out whats doing it I'll let you know. Just thought I'd mention it in case others are seeing increased crashes too.

Macbook Pro M1 Max 64Gb.

Edit:  OK, it seems to be happening with scenes that were created using a previous build that I'm now trying to render/work on in the current build. I managed to get one scene working fine by opening and immediately copying everything to a new blank scene and saving that. Then the new scene works fine. Could this mean it's nothing to do with the objects/textures but more the scene settings??? Hmmmm. Maybe a fluke but worth a try.


Hi, have you tried another version of Cinema 4D at all? I hear through the grapevine that R25 has its issues. It may be that but had to tell without a crash report.

Hi Bengamin,

No actually. That's a good idea. I was using R25 to get native M1 performance, having used R20 for years... (although the problem scenes were made from scratch in R25, just before the latest build).
I'll install R24 and see if that changes anything.



Thanks, that would be great to know. At least that might cancel one thing out. If the situation doesn't change, please send us the crash reports so that the devs can investigate further. Finger's crossed for you! ;)

Well, it's defnitely R25 and not Corona. Phew!

I installed S24 and all the same plugins and everything works perfectly and super fast. Went back to R25 and opened a super simple scene and it crashed just by rotating an object!

This is a pain as I've finally got my head around the R25 interface and quite like it. Perhaps I'll have to go back to the original R25 release as that was much more stable... Ho Hum.

Thanks for the help!


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