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Corona 7-8 crashing when material has normal map


Its completely unusable, ive reported this bug before a few times btw. but now, its just doesnt work. Doesnt matter if its physical or legacy material, both broken.

it seems it works only this way:

thanks: Lev

Video attached about the behavior:

Hi There,

Can you also send us this basic material setup that is in your video? If so, please use our private uploader here:

If you can also add the crash bug report too that would be great. Thanks!

Hi thanks, ive uploaded to the server,

but i cannot send bugreport as c4d doesnt crash, its just freeze, i had to shut it down manually...

Thanks: Levi


Thanks for uploading. I have tested this and can also confirm it locks up after stopping the IR. Force quit is needed. Reporting this.
(Internal ID=819855981)

my previous printscreen was inaccurate, the non-crashing "fix" looks like this:

(basically i just run the normal texture thru a simple layer node and thats all)



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