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C4D freezes when rotate decall

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v8/R25 osx 12.1 Intel iMac late 2015.
I noticed that C4D easliy freezes when I rotate a corona decall.
I use quixel decalls converted to physically based materials.
I love these decalls though, great new feature.

This might a osx Montery 12.1 issue since I get this as well at other rotates as well

I tried v8 20dec. and its all good in S24 but C4D crashes directly at the second rotate of any object in R25 on my intel mac and osx 12.1

R25 with v8 CR is all good with osx 12.1 on my m1 macbook air.

Got response from Maxon:
Hello Francois,

Unfortunately there exists a problem in combination of macOS 12 with our latest update.
We are aware of the issue and have reported it to our developers.

Here is an installer for the previous update Cinema 4D R25.113

Thanks for sharing this info with us. That's very useful for other cases.


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