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After some time I decided to try version 8.

But the first thing that is important for me is if the NaN bug is solved. Unfortunately, it is not. Every time there is a sky object in a complex scene with light material for seen, reflection and refraction...

Hi, thanks for letting us know. I can also confirm the NaN warning in this scene.
(Internal ID=816216411)

i also get NANS in latest v8 sadly (with hdri in sky obj and visibility buttons used)

hope this can be soon fixed, i cant use v8 atm therefore

Hi Stefan,

As mentioned in another thread, can you record a short video of this happening for me? Much appreciated :)

not sure what the record might bring?

i press render, it prepares, then the Nan error comes up,
the scene is all white in render, sky black or visible(depends on scene)
no more is happening.

i use the visibility buttons in sky and hdri dome (hdri in sky obj)

here a screenshot, it should show all infos that can be seen visually:

error in c4d console is:

"2021/12/27 17:36:41  [Corona4D] An internal error has occurred causing your image to contain NaN (Not a Number) value.
Please report the bug with the scene attached. We can fix these problems promptly if we have the scene where it happens"

somewhere here in the C4d forum i have read today that a v8 NaN bug is known with sky visibility settings? (regression bug that came back)


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