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Pedro Finquez:
Yeah, I know it's big.
It's a wedding, and lots of table proxy and plants are scattered around. Plus, it's a glass marque, so you need to see the park area around.

My 5950x ran at 30% because the virtualised RAM couldn't feed it data fast enough.

I've got 64GB of 3200 RAM, and Corona said it needs to virtualise another 120GB.

I don't think it's a matter of RAM though, as I managed to push through the problems in the end.
The renders seemed to work for the live preview some of the time, and some of the time, I had to switch to the production render.

I can't say I noticed a pattern to it. I rendered two views and then it would freak out. Another day I couldn't get one going.

The two attached visuals were really troublesome, despite using Corona scatter's "limit to viable area" option.


So in this case it's a little difficult for us to diagnose the issue. We tried rendering this scene on one of our machines with plenty of RAM and it rendered just fine.

Weird stuff like this can definately happen when you run low on RAM during rendering. To be honest I am surprised that it didn't crash.

Can you provide which 3ds max and Corona versions you are using, so we can try on the same versions here just to make sure.

Corona Scatter doesn't have a "limit to area" option yet. I assume you are using ForestPack?


Pedro Finquez:
Sorry, you're right that was Forest pack :)

I'm on MAX 2020, with Corona 7 from 11 Aug 2021


We'll try to render the scene again in these versions of Corona and 3ds Max. But I would bet the issue is caused by the system running out of RAM.

I'll let you know our findings, otherwise the only things I can suggest are either simplifying the scene or upgrading your RAM..

Sorry to not have better news.


Pedro Finquez:
That's alright, thanks for your reply anyway.


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